Rice Lake MotoWeigh® IMW In-Motion Checkweighers and Conveyor Scales

Now producers of every size can automate their processes and achieve more, thanks to MotoWeigh In-Motion Checkweigher and Conveyor Systems. Harness a range of MotoWeigh components and accessories and you’ll not only automate but improve nearly every facet of your operation.

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MotoWeigh® IMW Specifications

Stainless steel food-grade
Stainless steel non-food-grade
Aluminum non-food-grade

Conveyor scale

Up to 240 ft per minute

Container Types:
Boxes, bags, pouches, trays, tubs, cups, blister packs, display packs, clam shells

Intralox® Habasit®

Power Configuration:
110 VAC single phase, 60 Hz
230/460 VAC 3 phase, 60 Hz

Two-year limited
(excludes powertrain and wear parts)

Checkweigher Packages:
NTEP Certified and non-NTEP Certified packages available in stainless steel and aluminum for food and non-food-grade applications

Checkweigher Packages Include:
Common framework for mounting conveyor scale on same frame as infeed conveyor and indicator
Basic control enclosure to interconnect wiring from photo eyes and divert solenoid and
conveyor on/off/E-stop


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