Outstanding Service & Support

Pioneer Scale Co., Inc. has continually grown for 41 years because of our track record. We employed no full time salesmen until 2002 to sell our products or services. We have been able to sell more weighing equipment because we deliver the highest quality truck/rail scales with the best possible installation. We have not been fickle to chase the cheapest scale on the market but continue to install only products that we feel are built to last. We have a large investment in our company in fully stocking all of the electronic parts required to service your scale. It is our goal to repair our scales in one service call where it is most profitable for Pioneer Scale and our customer.

24 Hour Service

Our factory trained technicians stay current with the most up-to-date technology by attending training and quality improvement classes.


Our service department repairs and calibrates a wide range of scales and force measurement equipment. Prepare budget for each project/activity, even if project/activity is fully self-funded, i.e.,