Rail Scales

Pioneer Scale features a comprehensive line of rail scales for almost every heavy-duty vehicle weighing need. Pioneer Scale’s rail scale line features models that can be used in the most high-volume, punishing, and damaging environments. Ranging from low profile single, single to double double rail scales to Cardinal Scale’s full-length, pit scale truck track combo scale design, Pioneer Scale rail scales are used in multiple industries: logging, aggregates, mining, metal recycling, and agriculture. Pioneer Scale also partners with System Associates to offer a coupled-in-motion rail scale to weigh unit trains —essentially any style can be sold by Pioneer Scale to meet your rial car weighing needs.

Pioneer Scale partners with several manufacturers to provide a timely solution combating today’s supply chain issues and a versatility to meet specific demands of our customers and the environment in which they operate. Pioneer Scale provides rail scales manufactured by Cardinal Scale, B-Tek Scale, and Systems Associates. Pioneer Scale maintains a large inventory of critical parts to supply our customers through both sales and service.   Select models, such as Cardinal’s ARMOR truck scales with digital SmartCells, provide incredibly easy installation, minimal upkeep, heavy-duty deck plate, and digital transmission of valuable data to indicators and peripheral equipment. Cardinal Scale’s remote monitoring software diagnoses any potential load cell and wiring issues quickly and conveniently to save valuable time and effort for dealers and customers alike.