Weight Indicators

Weight Indicators can couple with virtually any scale or weighing equipment to provide easy, digital viewing in almost any setting, indoors or outdoors. Each indicator supplied is insured that it is developed with the highest durability, data integration, and resolution in mind. Cardinal Scale’s and the other weight indicators provided by Pioneer Scale service a wide range of industries, from food service and medical to industrial and agricultural weighing applications. The indicators provided by Pioneer Scale range from waterproof, color-changing displays to full-fledged programmable indicators that can be remotely controlled. Pioneer Scale primarily inventory Cardinal Scale’s indicators which feature stainless steel enclosures, polycarbonate enclosures, and ABS enclosures to protect vital circuitry from the elements and in washdown applications. These indicators can be gimbal-mounted, panel-mounted, DIN-rail mounted, or placed within unattended weight kiosks. From commercial foodservice product and patient weighing to truck or rail scale weighing, Pioneer Scale has a digital weight indicator for your weighing job.

Cardinal Weight Indicators

Pioneer Scale partners with several manufacturers to provide a timely solution combating today’s supply chain issues and a versatility to meet specific demands of our customers and the environment in which they operate. Pioneer Scale provides digital indicators manufactured by Cardinal Scale, B-Tek Scale, Rice Lake Weighing Systems, CAS, and Tufner. Pioneer Scale maintains a large inventory of digital indicators to supply our customers through both sales and service.

Digital Indicators also include integrators for belt scales for which Pioneer Scale carries, Belt-Way Scale, Weigh Shark and Belt Scale HQ integrators.

Scale Integrator
Belt-way scale integrator.