Rice Lake Motoweigh

Pioneer Scale has partnered with Rice Lake to offer the MotoWeigh In-Motion Checkweigher and Conveyor Systems. They offer an efficient and automated solution for a variety of applications. With features such as diverter systems and easy-to-clean conveyors, MotoWeigh provides flexibility for businesses to operate in their preferred manner. By using MotoWeigh, producers can ensure they meet target weights, profit margins, and customer satisfaction goals.

At Pioneer Scale, we understand that each production environment has unique requirements. That’s why we work with our customers to design customized MotoWeigh systems to meet their specific application needs. MotoWeigh’s highly adaptable design allows for in-motion verification of target weight ranges and the use of various divert devices to remove rejected products from the line. Additionally, we offer Non-Legal for Trade systems with precise resolution up to 5 grams at speeds of up to 80 units per minute.

With MotoWeigh, producers can ensure they meet their targets for weight, profit, and customer satisfaction. Pioneer Scale offers customized MotoWeigh systems designed to meet the unique application needs of any production environment. The highly adaptable design of MotoWeigh means that businesses get the exact system they need to achieve their goals.


Use the MotoWeigh return on investment (ROI) calculator to determine how quickly you can see the benefits of an in-motion checkweigher in your production line. The MotoWeigh ROI calculator uses the line speed and operating time, product costs, package overfill and checkweigher accuracy to estimate your yearly savings and how many operating days it will take to recover the cost of the system.  

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