Rice Lake Ready-n-Weigh Bench Scale System CW-90XB Scale Base 380 Indicator

The CW-90B Ready-n-Weigh Bench Scale System is a complete bench scale, indicator, and column package. Match the CW-90B light-capacity industrial bench scale base with the 380 basic digital weight indicator to fit your application.

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CW 90-XB Bech Scale Specifications

Load Cell, NTEP Certified:
IP69K stainless steel and hermetically sealed

Scale Construction:
304 stainless steel

Maximum Overload:
180% to 200% depending on capacity

Overload Protection:
Five-point, independently adjusted

Scale Frame:
AISI304L, straight line finish, Ra = 45 +/- 10

Scale Cover:
AISI304L, straight line finish, Ra = 45 +/- 10

Cable Length:
34 in

Compensated Temperature Range:
14 °F to 104 °F (-10 °C to 40 °C)

NTEP CC 95-072, Class III 5,000 d
Measurement Canada AM-5082
Load cell is FM approved

Three-year limited (includes water ingress)

380 Indicator Specifications

Batteries: 4 alkaline C-cell
Optional: 115/230 VAC to 12 VDC adapter

Battery Life:
45 hours with 4 x 350 ohm load cells, low backlight

Communication Ports:
One RS-232 (three-wire)
One USB 2.0′

Six 1 in (25 mm) tall, LCD digits

Status Annunciators:
g, lb, t, tn, kg, oz, battery level, PT, LT, gross, zero, unstable, net

5 tactile buttons

Enclosure: IP66, 304 Stainless steel

NTEP CC 21-051
Measurement Canada AM-6184
CE Marked
cULus Listed

Two-year limited



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