Cardinal SB250 – 2.6-in LED

Cardinal’s SB250, with its 2.6-inch/66 mm high-intensity LED display capable of displaying 5 x 7 alphanumeric upper and lowercase characters, is enclosed in a mild steel outdoor enclosure with rain guard.


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Character Height: 2.6 in / 66 mm
Character Type: 5 x 7 with descenders and decimal points
Annunciators: lb, kg, T, t, G, N (if output from indicator)
Ambient Light Levels: total darkness to direct sun
Power Input: 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 60 watts, maximum
Interface: 20 mA, active or passive, RS232, RS422/485, fiber optic, ethernet
Display Capacity: -99999 to 999999
Enclosure Rating: IP65
Enclosure Construction: painted mild steel
Viewing Angle: +/- 70 degress
Viewing Range: 200
Ambient Temp.: -15 to +130 degrees F
Ambient Humidity: 5 to 100 percent
Character Format: all standard ASCII characters


  • 2.6-in-high LED Display
  • Alpha Display of Units
  • Brightness Controls Via Ambient Light Sensor
  • Daisy Chain Multiple Units
  • IP65 Protection Class
  • Message Board Capabilities Are Standard
  • Wide-Angle Long-Range Viewing


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