Cardinal LPRA Low-Profile Railroad Scale

Cardinal LPRA Low-Profile Railroad Scales are cutting-edge weighing solutions designed specifically for the rail industry. These scales feature a low-profile design, allowing for easy installation in space-restricted areas, while maintaining the accuracy and durability that Cardinal Scales are known for. With advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces, these scales offer quick and precise weighing of rail cars and their contents, enabling efficient inventory management and logistics planning. Built to withstand harsh environments and heavy use, Cardinal LPRA Low-Profile Railroad Scales are the ideal solution for rail operators looking to improve their weighing processes and optimize their operations.

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Gross Capacity: 100 tons to 270 tons
Sectional Capacity: 100 tons to 180 tons
Module Sizes: 13 ft and 26 ft long available
Platform Width: 8 ft 9 in low-profile design
Rail Size: Designed for 115 lb rail (132 lb rail optional)
Load Cells: Stainless steel electronic or hydraulic compression load cells manufactured by Cardinal Scale
Accuracy Class: IIIL
Certifications: NTEP (93-051) and Measurement Canada (S.WA-4458) legal for trade
Cooper AREMA Rating: E-80
Paint: UV-protected, anti-corrosion industrial tan powder paint
Electronic LPRA Models Include: Steel deck weighbridge, stainless steel compression electronic load cells, load cell stands, stainless steel junction box, and power supplies
Hydraulic LPRA Models Include: Steel deck weighbridge, stainless steel compression hydraulic load cells, load cell stands, totalizer box, and copper tubing standard
Options: Anti-creep angles, rail clips for deck, grain dump grating, grain dump hoppers, and stainless steel tubing (for hydraulic models)
Peripheral Equipment Available: Weight indicators, remote displays, printers, and mobile apps available from Cardinal Scale
Custom Sizes and Configurations Readily Available: Please consult factory for custom sizes and applications


  • 13 ft and 26 ft Module Sizes Available
  • Custom Sizes and Configurations Available
  • E-80 Cooper AREMA Rating
  • Heavy-Duty Rugged Steel Weighbridge
  • Low-Profile Convenience
  • Measurement Canada Certified
  • NTEP Legal for Trade
  • Optional Grain Dump Grating and Hoppers
  • Rapid Installation
  • Up to 270-Ton Gross Capacities


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