Cardinal GroundForce Full-Frame Extra Heavy-Duty Floor Scales

The Cardinal GroundForce Full-Frame Extra Heavy-Duty Floor Scales are the ultimate solution for weighing heavy loads with precision and accuracy. With a robust load cell and a full-steel frame, these scales can handle weight capacities of up to 20,000 lbs, making them perfect for industrial environments where durability and reliability are a must. Featuring a non-slip diamond plate surface for safety and a bright LCD display with a backlit feature, the GroundForce Floor Scales offer easy-to-read weight measurements in any lighting condition. With their intuitive design, built-in rechargeable battery, and standard AC adapter, these scales are perfect for a wide range of applications in manufacturing, logistics, and shipping industries. Experience the quality, durability, and accuracy of the Cardinal GroundForce Full-Frame Extra Heavy-Duty Floor Scales today.

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Capacities Available: 5,000 lb x 1 lb, 10,000 lb x 2 lb, and 20,000 lb x 5 lb
Platform Sizes Available: 4 x 4 ft, 5 x 4 ft, 5 x 5 ft, 6 x 4 ft, 7 x 5 ft, 8 x 6 ft, 9 x 7 ft, 10 x 10 ft, and 12 x 10 ft
Platform Height: Models up to 10,000 lb: 3.8 in – 20,000 models: 5.3 in
Scale Construction: Mild steel
Paint: Anti-corrosion baked-on polyester tan paint
Load Cells: Stainless steel hermetically-sealed waterproof load cells
NTEP Approval: 90-069
Options: Checkered deck ramps and digital weight indicators


  • Baked-on Polyester Tan Paint
  • Capacities up to 20000 lbs
  • Easy Pit Installation
  • Forklift Runner Available for Moving the Scale
  • Lower Frame Surrounds Scale Perimeter
  • Notched Lower Frame for Easy Ramp Attachment
  • NTEP Legal for Trade
  • Stainless Steel Load Cells
  • Top-Side Access Junction Box Panel


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