Cardinal Digital Double-Ended Shear Beam

Cardinal Scale’s SCBD series SmartCell® stainless steel digital load cells proven technology internally calibrates, promoting linear calibration to full capacity, and eliminating the error curve for voltage. Messy, time-consuming wiring is no longer necessary—cables connect automatically to the load cell.

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Capacity (Model SCBD75): 34,000 kg / 75,000 lb
Capacity (Model SCBD100): 45,000 kg / 100,000 lb
Cell Type: Digital double-ended shear beam
Potting: Completely encapsulated and filled with a potting compound to fill all internal voids and prevent any potential for moisture entering the load cell and causing premature failure
Rated Output: Cardinal digital output
Protection Class:
IP69K rated
Connectors: 5-Pin, M12 Male, A-Coding
Safe Load: 150% rated capacity
Temperature Range: -10ºC to +60ºC / +14ºF to +140ºF (OIML and NTEP certified up to +40ºC / +104ºF)
NTEP Certification: 16-088A1
OIML Certification: R60/2000-GB1-17.17
Country of Origin: USA
Accuracy Class: IIIL
Construction: Stainless steel
Includes: iSite remote diagnostic monitoring software with e-mail and text alerts
Mounting: Mounts into Cardinal axis brand ball receiver cup load cell stand
Options: 225D digital indicator, digital load cell option card, ball bearing, load cell interconnect cable, load cell end terminator, and screw and solder terminal connectors for homerun cable
Warranty: 1 year


  • Cables Connect Automatically to Load Cells
  • Patented Potting Method Completely Encapsulates Load Cell Interior for Optimal Waterproof Protection
  • Capacities from 34,000 kg / 75,0000 lb to 45,000 kg / 100,000 lb
  • Daisy-Chain Cells Together for Ease of Wiring
  • Digital Double-Ended Shear Beam
  • Includes iSite Remote Diagnostics Software with E-mail and Text Alerts
  • IoT-Enabled Digital Load Cells
  • IP69K-Rated Waterproof
  • Mounts on Ball Receiver Cup Load Cell Stand
  • No External Checking Necessary
  • No Junction Box Necessary
  • OIML and NTEP Certified
  • Stainless Steel Load Cell


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