Cardinal Armor Monthly Truck Scale Rental with Steel Ramps

Looking for a reliable and durable portable truck scale? Consider the Cardinal Armor portable truck scale! Built with heavy-duty steel and designed for easy transport and setup, the Armor scale can handle up to 135 tons. It features a low-profile design for easy access, as well as interlocking sections for added stability. The Armor scale also includes stainless steel load cells for accurate measurements and a digital display indicator. With its rugged construction and precision weighing capabilities, the Cardinal Armor portable truck scale is an excellent choice for a wide range of industries, including mining, construction, and agriculture.


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Cardinal Armor Monthly Truck Scale Rental with Steel Ramps

Cardinal Scale’s ARMOR Portable Digital Truck Scales can be moved to multiple locations for changing job sites. Their modular design with expandable bulkheads allow you to vary platform sizes depending on weighing needs. The ARMOR Portable features IP69K-rated waterproof digital SmartCell load cells, capacities up to 135 tons, heavy-weight 50-ton CLC, 5/16 in thick checkered steel deck, anti-corrosion baked-on tan powder paint, top-side access to all electronics, and NTEP and Measurement Canada approval. The floating center module makes it easy to add or remove sections to fit application requirements.

  • axis Frictionless Centering System Load Cell Stands
  • Expandable Bulkheads Allow Varying Sizes
  • Heavyweight 50-Ton CLC
  • Load Cell Pockets Completely Surrounded by I-beams
  • Load Cell Stands Pre-Installed for Lightning-Fast Installation
  • Long-Lasting Baked-on Tan Powder Coat Paint
  • Measurement Canada Certified
  • Modular Design for Platform Sizing Adjustments
  • NTEP Legal for Trade
  • Comes with Optional Ramps
  • Portable for Moving Job Sites
  • SmartCell Stainless Steel Waterproof Digital Load Cells
  • Tightly-Spaced I-beams for Optimal Structural Integrity
  • Top-Side Access to All Electronic Components


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