Belt-Way Single Idler Belt Scale

Belt-Way’s Conveyor Belt Scales provide a simple, yet versatile design that fits any conveyor width. Belt-Way’s Conveyor Belt Scales can be installed on portable or stationary scales, provide quick setup, and easy calibration. Belt-Way’s Self-Storing Test Weights allow for scale calibration in a matter of minutes. Belt-Way’s Integrator is weatherproof—providing vital information in a reliable manner. Belt-Way’s Integrator also comes equipped with an RS-232 communication port to print weight data and send information to Scoreboard Displays.

Belt-Way’s Conveyor Belt Scales are available in a variety of applications. Stationary, portable, catenary idler, and load-out scales can be fit to any end-user’s production goals. This versatility of Belt-Way’s applications can be utilized in aggregate, agricultural, mining, steel, recycling, and concrete industries.

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  • Fit Any Width Conveyor
  • Easy Installation on Stationary or Portable Scales
  • Easy Calibration and Recalibration
  • Self-Storing Test Weights Provide Quicker and Easier Calibration
  • Load Cell Assemblies are OIML Certified
  • Weatherproof Integrator and Electronics
  • RS-232 Communication with Belt-Way Integrator
  • Remote Display Shows Real-Time Information

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