Calibration Certificates available on - line anytime from anywhere!

Pioneer Scale Co., Inc. has implemented an internet-based calibration Certificate Retrieval System called “CRS”. This system allows our customers access to view all calibration information including equipment calibration certificates that are NIST traceable. These certificates are available online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

As equipment calibrations are performed in the field or at one of our locations, our technicians enter the calibration data into their Ipad or a PDA device. Once the testing information is downloaded, the certificates are then uploaded into the CRS system for viewing, printing, and downloading.

CRS is simple and easy to use!  Just follow these steps:

1. Visit

2. On the home page, there is a link for Calibration and Certification. Enter here and toward the bottom of the page, there is a link that says “Click Here to View CRS ISO-9000 Certificates”. When you click on that link you will automatically be routed to the CRS login page.

3. On the CRS login page simply enter the user name and password assigned to you by Pioneer ScaleCo. (If you do not have this information please contact your local office)

4. The next screen will be the “Scale Information Page”. Below this title, there will be a list of the scales at your location. Be sure to match up the Scale ID and/or the serial number of your scale.

5. Next to each scale there will be links titled “View NIST Certs” and “Batch Print Certs”.a.“View NIST Certs”–link to our company NISTtraceablecertificatesb.“Batch Print Certs”–Link to your equipment and calibration certificates.

6. On The page you are routed to after selecting “Print Batch Certs”, enter the date range for the certificates you are looking for and select “View List”. Or you can select “Show all” to view a list of all of the certificates we have for you on file.

7. You can then view your certificate by clicking the link located to the left of each certificate.

8. Once the web browser page opens showing a copy of your certificate (.pdf format) you can then print, save or just view the certificate.

Additional Notes:

1. CRS is ISO9001 and ISO17025 compliant.

2. The data is frequently backed up at an off-site location.

3. System is designed to keep all records indefinitely. After five years records are transferred to an archive web server and are still searchable.

4. All data records are the property of Pioneer Scale Company, Inc.