B-TEK ScaleSoft .NET

Encompassing more than scale traffic monitoring, ScaleSoft .NET can track materials, sales orders, invoices, and more.

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Truck and Rail In/Out

Track products, trucks, rail cars and more through manual entry or RFID technology. ScaleSoft .NET is designed to be flexible to fit almost any weighing operation or process.

Data Entry

ScaleSoft .NET’s intuitive and familiar Microsoft-style interface gives operators the ability to easily enter all setup information about drivers, trucks, haulers, customers and more.

Invoice Generation

Generate and send invoices to your customers daily, weekly, monthly or on any schedule you prefer. Invoices can then be sent to your QuickBooks desktop software for accounting purposes.


Create new reports or customize the provided reports with the built-in drag and drop designer. Utilize over 20 built-in report variations as is or use them as templates to design your own custom reports.


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